I teach/train martial arts and I strained my shoulder in jiu-jitsu. I was barely able to lift my arm 90 degrees and throwing fast jabs was out of the question. I had been hurt like this before, so I was familiar with the injury(stretches, healing procedures, etc.) and knew it would take at least 3 or 4 days before my shoulder was mostly operational again. I had already come to terms that I was not going to be going to jiu-jitsu class again until I had recovered. In the middle of a conversation David was speaking and quickly stopped and just asked, “where?” He laid down some well thought out ground rules that ensure a comfortable massage experience, and then got to work. I have been to many different massages in the past. This was different. It hurt only to the point where you can take it(since you got to pick your intensity level), but just enough to be extremely effective. At some points, it was pure bliss. At other times, you could literally feel all of the different parts of the region he was working on realign. He only worked on a couple of parts my shoulders. Spent about 20 minutes. Boom. Just like that. Full range of motion restored. Full jab speed and strength. I am going to jiu-jitsu tomorrow : ) Yay!

-A.I. Professional martial artist and instructor

David has an intuitive gift for touch & his work is an integrative, balanced blend of modalities that he optimizes for the best treatment of his clients.  I was personally really satisfied with the plethora of knowledge and information he offered during our session. It is definitely a joint-effort in the respect that I am not just receiving the massage, but rather I am actively releasing throughout with my breath. I felt more open and refreshed after our session. He invited any tightness in my musculature to let go before reactivating those same places in preparation for healthy movement after the session. As a dancer & movement artist, I would definitely recommend David’s unique approach to massage!

-N.A. Dancer, Yoga, Movement Instructor

I am a patient of David Kelly for number of years, including the most difficult time of Pandemic. David is the most professional Therapist, who’s knowledge of different technics and methods providing the most successful results of healing as well as relaxation massage. I highly recommend David Kelly.


Really enjoyed my first smart therapy session with David. I’ve been having ongoing lower back pain for over a year now and after one session I could already feel a big difference. David made sure to pinpoint exactly where I’ve been experiencing pain and focused on releasing the built up tension through different positioning, stretches and just the right amount of pressure. I also appreciated him explaining each step of the process and guiding me through deep breathing techniques which helped me further relax and release the pain. I’m happy to say that my lower back has been feeling better than it has in a long time. I’ve finally been able to venture deeper into my yoga practice with no more pain holding me back! Wish I had known about this therapy sooner; it would’ve saved a lot of needless suffering. Thanks again, David. I will definitely be back.

I had tension on my scapula muscles that restricting my shoulder and arm movement & disrupt my sleep sometimes. David spent less than 15 mins with me today and helped me releasing the tension with his therapy. He also give advise what to do after therapy session i.e. make sure drink enough water etc. Thanks David.

I was always having really bad calf cramps for years. So I was skeptical at first but my calf muscles have been better since. He was very confident and comfortable even though it did not feel amazing. He continued to work through even with my whining and helped keep me going. 5 stars for sure. Since then I’ve been sore but I’ve been able to walk and jump better and have ALOT less tension when I flex.

I have had a persistent pain in my shoulder for many years, nothing I did helped alleviate the discomfort of an old army injury. I tried massages and rubs and yoga but nothing truly helped me until I met David Kelly. He performed several massage sessions on the injured area and the rest of my upper body, I felt immediate relief after the first time but after several sessions and concentrated work on the shoulder the relief became permanent. I have since experienced not only a lack of pain but also a full range of motion and ease of use. I would recommend David Kelly to anyone interested in a truly professional and exemplary massage experience. Additionally he is also very courteous and provides a great level of service all around.


I’m feeling like a brand new person today. Out of many different massages I’ve taken throughout my life due to usual heavy back pain, I never had such thing as neuromuscular massage with David. From the moment he places either his palm, elbow, arm on you, you know he’s getting it right. This massage reaches points on your body you didn’t know they existed. Never got to experience a massage where your belly would be worked as part of back pain release and it completely changed the recovery; also, the gastritis problem I’ve suffered from for a few years now, has had a noticeable improvement since the first couple of days. Was it part of the belly work? Most likely… the only thing I’m sure about is David knows what he’s doing and you’ll be forever thankful. THANK YOU DAVID!
-Yazmin Figueroa

I have severe chronic tension in the area where my hamstring meets my butt.  I roll it with a foam roller or a softball, but it rarely makes much of a difference and any relief it offers does not last.  Spa massages (even deep tissue ones) have done next to nothing to alleviate my discomfort in any substantial or lasting way.  But a single session with David released a significant portion of that tension and the results have lasted for weeks!  I have even noticed that activities which would typically cause pain and increased tightness in that area no longer have that effect. 

Working with David was an amazing experience from start to finish. First I was told to relay my problem areas and once he had a grasp of my ailments he went to work systematically and was very attentive whenever I said I had a problem in an area and would immediately work on resolving it and explain how some of these things happen so I could prevent these problems. I could say with confidence he didn’t miss a spot and as a result of that I’ve been able to move like I haven’t in years. I’m not that old but I feel like I just got some years back. Most surprising of all not even a painful experience, no pain and all gain I just want to say thank you again and I’m definitely coming back!


David was great neuromuscular therapist! During my pregnancy I was suffering from terrible back pain and sciatica. I felt so much better after having seen David! Highly recommended.

For over a year and a half I was experiencing pain, tightness, tingling, and numbness from my neck all the way down through my right hand. I knew it was from my posture at work, but ergonomic adjustments, medical massages, physical therapy, a doctor, and multiple tests couldn’t figure out exactly what was wrong or how to fix it. After just one session with David, everything felt looser and my posture was better. After two months of working with him, my neck and arm are almost completely back to normal–and he addressed some other issues I hadn’t even been aware of until he felt how tight my muscles were! David’s touch is caring, responsive, and extremely effective. His knowledge is deep and his presence soothing. I’ve been recommending him to everyone I know who experiences chronic pain.